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by Kevin | Last Updated: April 10, 2020


In the Pesti út elderly care home operated by the metropolitan municipality, there are now more than 100 infected persons and five dead, the Chief Medical Officer announced at the online press conference of the Operational Group responsible for the containment of the coronavirus epidemic held on Thursday.

Cecília Müller highlighted they have been saying for days that operators are responsible for preventing the further spread of the epidemic in institutions.

Her colleagues are working to eliminate the shortcomings that could cause the further spread of infection, she added.

She indicated that she would in person visit the Pesti út elderly care home where disease control measures are being implemented on an ongoing basis.

She also said, in addition to the Pesti út elderly care home, there are infected persons at the institution in Rózsa utca as well; their number has not yet reached ten. There are additionally isolated cases in other institutions of this kind, but these are not on the scale of an epidemic.

The Chief Medical Officer said in Hungary there are 980 registered patients, while in the past 24 hours another eight persons suffering from chronic diseases have died. One of them was aged 48; however, he, too, had struggled with chronic diseases for years, she added.

Ninety-six recovered patients have been released from hospital, another five persons have been taken off assisted ventilation, and they do not even need intensive care anymore. At present, 59 patients need assisted ventilation, she said.

The expert highlighted that in the coming days they would send out two million surgical face masks and 300,000 pairs of gloves to residential elderly care homes through the government offices.

Giving advice with spring cleaning, Ms. Müller said the virus is sensitive to chlorine; therefore, surfaces that can be washed with substances containing chlorine should be wiped with diluted chlorine. Other surfaces should be wiped with antiviral disinfectants or wipes. Those who are allergic to these substances should wear face masks for cleaning, while the sponge or wipe used should be discarded once the cleaning is completed.

She added that even washable toys should be wiped, while cuddly toys should be washed in the washing machine. It is advisable to disinfect bathrooms and toilets even more thoroughly than usual, and beauty care products, too, should be wiped with disinfectant wipes. In the kitchen, we should use sponges and scrubs instead of cloths, cutting boards should be thoroughly scrubbed after use, and wherever possible we should use glass surfaces.

In answer to a question, she said persons who share a household with an elderly family member suffering from chronic diseases, but continue to go to work would also do well to take some precautions. She said, arriving home, they should take off their shoes and upper garments at the door, then take a shower and put on clean clothes, while everyday objects should also be kept separately. Additionally, they should keep a personal distance even inside their home.

Ms. Müller stressed that there is no registered and licensed rapid test in circulation that would be suitable for home use. The evaluation of these tests requires professional knowledge. She asked anyone who is offered such products to notify the authorities.

In answer to the question as to whether the quality of the face masks and protective supplies purchased from abroad has been verified, the Chief Medical Officer said, in default, the manufacturer is responsible for the quality of supplies, and products must be accompanied by quality certificates. If a product features the designation “CE”, its importation into the territory of the European Union has been authorised, and its quality has also been verified.

The Chief Medical Officer also pointed out that Easter this year will be different than before, but recommends that we observe the rituals of the holiday, cook the usual meals, and communicate with our loved ones in remote locations by telephone and other online means.



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