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by Kevin | Last Updated: April 8, 2020


The government will continue to adopt the right measures at the right time in the interest of protecting people’s health and protecting jobs and businesses, the Minister for International Communication and Relations said in a video message posted on Tuesday.

In his video message, Zoltán Kovács highlighted that since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic and its appearance in Hungary, the government had consistently adhered to the principle of seeking to curb the spread of the virus by adopting the right measures at the right time.

He added that this was equally true of health care containment measures, the measures imposing restrictions on movement and the economic measures which were adopted immediately upon the identification of the virus and its appearance in Hungary. He observed that the economy protection measures recently announced by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán constituted the second phase of measures.

We are adopting the right measures at the right time in health care in order to minimise damage to the health of Hungarian people, and in the economy to preserve the jobs and businesses which must survive and stand their ground in the global and European situation caused by the virus, he pointed out.

Mr Kovács added that this principle “will remain with us in the coming days and weeks as well”. He indicated that they would continue to adopt measures and implement elements of the government’s economy protection action plan based on this principle.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)


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